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On every insurance application, there are questions concerning burglar and fire alarms for your home and tracking and security alarms for auto. Therefore, it is highly advisable to have a central reporting fire and burglar alarm for your home.

While many folks feel this can be costly or even unnecessary, it will pay dividends in the end by saving you a bundle of money on your premiums and possibly save your biggest asset and its contents.

We recently heard of a homeowner who went out of town on an epic vacation. As many people do on such trips, he decided to post photos of the exotic location on social media. Unfortunately, while he was enjoying the time of his life, someone was enjoying his absence just as much. His posts were a green light signal to someone looking for an opportunity to rob his house. They made off with a great stash of stolen, coveted valuables.Do I need a home alarm system?
Surprisingly, he did not have a burglar alarm, and the thief was successful in breaking in and stealing the client’s valuables without any alerts.

Luckily the client had named the valuables on his policy with us, so we were able to make him whole through coverage, but all of this could have been avoided by having a solid alarm system. Do you know anyone that has had this happen to them?

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